My parents, Steven and Tanya Tramp, have done awful things to their guests, employees, and even their children. They are the one time owners of Quality Inn Downtown 4th Avenue (110 E Fourth Ave, Spokane, WA 99202 – 509-838-6101), current owners of Comfort Suites at the Park (195 E Penny Road, Wenatchee, WA 98801 509-662-1818), current owners of Sleep Inn and Suites Wenatchee Confluence (235 E Penny Road, Wenatchee, WA 98801 509-663-8333), current owners of Blackrock Terrace Estates (a mismanaged subdivision which the community temporarily shut down), and shadow owners of several neighborhoods in surrounding areas – though it is hard to find as they now hide their ownership through attorneys and other tactics to prevent the community and their family from tracking.



Steven attempted to subdivide his property in Wenatchee to the dismay of locals. He had many struggles and I was led to believe this was just the pitiful outcry of neighbors who didn’t want to lose their views. Along with many other things, I was promised that I would have one of the plots on this subdivision, and that he would NEVER sell the property without getting the approval of his sons for whom this whole project was created. This was published on local television. Now I see it is for sale, without my input. I asked Steven about this and he denied having made such a promise, despite me having the recording. Finally I got him to ‘remember’ this promise and he told me he simply changed the terms of that promise. If he gets his way on this project or others, what other terms will he forget and change after it's too late? Who else has he lied to? Well, actually quite a few people. When I asked him more about the fact that he listed his home and property for sale, he informed me that it was a hoax to convince the neighbors that he had given up on the subdivision and after a while he would remove the listing for sale. I believe he actually got at least one buyer under contract who believed the contract to be factual, and took on financial obligations to see it through. This supported Steven's plans but he wasn't actually interested in selling precisely as he had told me - so it appears that he has backed out of the deal, which presumably created financial hardship on the buyers just so Steven could scam the neighbors long enough to get his way while he could quietly short plat his property.

This, of course, is underhanded and manipulative of the community; created a financial hardship on buyers who made good faith efforst to buy property he said he wanted to sell; and wasted the time and investment money from the listing agent. Did he want to sell the property? Of course not, because he could have if that was his goal. Or was he honest when he assured the community at a televised meeting that he would not sell without the approval from his sons? No, he didn't even tell us he had listed it for sale - we found out separately despite him taking alternate paths home when we were passengers in his truck to avoid letting us see the "for sale" sign. At this point, not only has he removed the listing, he has overwritted the listing photos with photos of empty land he has been using as a landfill without following any safety regulations for waste sites. Maybe there is a third truth which I don’t even know about? Funny to consider this from a man who is so adamante about his ethics, who is full of big talk about how it is wrong to use people. Yet, he used his listing agent who clearly paid a lot out of pocket for beautiful drone photos of his property to complete the illusion that he is selling - for the sake of quieting the community while he short plats the land without following through on a single promise he made to me, his buyers, his agent, or the community, while purporting that this is just "a little old fashioned family deal" solely so he can bequeath some of his multimillion dollar estate to his sons he has exploited. But in the end, his own greed is all he is out to take care of.

Steven lied to me on multiple occasions that he would not be rolling the money from the hotel sale to another business venture via a 1031 exchange – a way to avoid paying taxes on capital gains. Turns out he did work on a 1031 exchange program. He has a secret development of properties across the river from his community in a different county, likely as a result of the community coming together to stand up to his development in their area.


Click the links above to read more about the man as a business owner and father, and consider spending money elsewhere whenever possible to support the community instead of feeding the greed of someone with sociopathic tendancies.

For legal reasons: my attorney has advised that I am within my rights to share my story, and that opinions are protected. Consider this an opinion site, but that doesn't mean an opinion isn't also supported with, for example, over 45 gigabytes of photocopies, photos, video and audio recordings, hotel surveillance footage, and written documentation.